About of the jasmine Centre

Jasmine Center For Care Of The Elderly
And People With Special Needs

Our Vision

The elderly and the disabled are an essential part of our society and it must remain at the highest degree of potency and ability to engage with others. We believe that they are the center of their families and familiar environment is best for them always, but sometimes it may be difficult for family presence amid the absence of breadwinners or health or social person especially with extended family or travel shrinking the children temporary or permanent. In those circumstances, the community helps these individuals by providing places for temporary or permanent residence, and that's what we have to offer

It has become imperative that there are companies specializing in elder care, special needs and has to be thinking that their problem is not only on the need to provide housing, clothing and food as necessary as well as material needs medical care, but care should be extended to cover other needs and appreciate them and help them be more efficient even have psychological stability.

The elderly need most to health care and psychological and social services so that specialized centers are to provide the necessary climate for the elderly and who helps him to continue his role in the safe and dignified life away from risk in all forms.

Our Goals

Our main goal is a dignified life for the elderly and disabled in a pure and healthy family environment.

Assist older persons to live in their homes and with their families for as long as possible.

The elderly and people with special needs into the Center and secure decent accommodation in addition to offering all aspects of health care and psychological and social and entertainment that will give them psychological help and social adaptation, which works with humanity and offers them comfort and reassurance to their life and documenting the link between them and their families and the external environment.